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Tips For Better Sleep

If you don’t have good sleeping habits chances are you are not living an optimally healthy lifestyle. The pressures of the day seem to flood into the night all at once, often when you are doing your best to shut your eyes and try to hit the “re-do” button. Instead of resorting to sleeping pills …

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Feeling Better With Massage Works

People aren’t generally unwilling to get a massage, but sometimes you just need that extra push to commit to it. Here are some benefits that we here at Massage Works can produce for you. Shelley Frost explains: Massage involves the rubbing and manipulating of muscles, tendons, skin and ligaments. Massage has moved beyond the walls …

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Massage and Integrative Medicine

Massage Therapy Should Play an Integral Part in Helping Relieve Low Back Pain It is clear that massage Therapy has many benefits. One thing that is sad is that it is underutilized as therapy for most pain that people experience. Massage is often way down the list of therapies or drug interventions suggested to patients …

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What is a Pressure Point

What causes muscle pain? There are tender points around the body that we all have (some of us have more then others) they are called trigger points, acupressure points, pressure points and energy blockages depending on the system you are using. Pressure points are tiny knots that develop in a muscle when it is injured …

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Massage Works for Pain Reduction

We all know that getting massage therapy feels good. Many athletes use regular massage to increase their recovery and improve performance. I have seen many good results with clients but a good study is even more proof of the benefits of massage. According to a study published online inScience Translational Medicine┬áby researchers from the Buck …

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Massage Therapy breaks up “The Fuzz”

Watch this incredible video by Gil Hedley about “the fuzz”. The tacky material that forms between muscles that should otherwise easily slide by each other. It’s a bit graphic but fascinating. Explains why it is natural to stretch upon waking in the morning even watch animals they stretch when they get up too. You want …

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