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Want a Massage or NEED a Massage?

Yes, we are in the business of giving people massages whenever it is that they want one. We love what we do and we’re glad to accommodate as best we can whenever we can! But it’s not all about your desire or want of a massage. Sometimes the body just needs the kind of relief that only a trained …

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Stretch of the Week – Figure Four Stretch

Try this when you get home after a long day, or after a run or workout. Massage therapy works wonders on tight hips but to loosen them on your own or in between massage sessions this is a great way to begin stretching the hips. Start by laying on your back. Cross the right leg …

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Massage Works

This is a wonderful quote supported by research always awesome to see! “Biological changes occur as a result of even a single session of massage.” -Mark Hyman Rapaport, MD, professor, and lead researcher of a National Institutes of Health (NHI) study about massage and its positive impact on immunity. The study found that people who …

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Healthy Green Juice

Kick start your morning or Enliven your afternoon with this tasty green juice. I’ve been juicing several days a week for my husband and myself. I have found as long as I add apples and ginger almost any combo tastes great! 1 cucumber 3 stalks celery 1/2 bunch kale 2-3 apples seeded (fuji or granny …

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