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Tips For Better Sleep

If you don’t have good sleeping habits chances are you are not living an optimally healthy lifestyle. The pressures of the day seem to flood into the night all at once, often when you are doing your best to shut your eyes and try to hit the “re-do” button. Instead of resorting to sleeping pills …

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Stretch for This Week- Legs Up the Wall

Legs up the wall is one of my favorite restorative stretches. After being on my feet doing massages all day this stretch is a wonderful relief at the end of the day! It is great for gently stretching the hamstrings and circulating the fluids from the legs and feet. Here is a wonderful step by …

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Healthy Green Juice

Kick start your morning or Enliven your afternoon with this tasty green juice. I’ve been juicing several days a week for my husband and myself. I have found as long as I add apples and ginger almost any combo tastes great! 1 cucumber 3 stalks celery 1/2 bunch kale 2-3 apples seeded (fuji or granny …

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