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Want to lose 15 Pounds In 10 Days?

That’s a rhetorical question! Of course you do! Here’s how: Transform How Your Feel Body, Mind and Spirit Cleanse your way to a healthy lean body Reboot your metabolism Break Unhealthy food addictions Increase your energy Alkalize your body Get your 10 Day Transformation Cleanse today and start healing your body this week! I have …

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Standing Desks

The rise of the standing desk, is a wonderful trend to see happen! It is incredibly beneficial to your health to stand more then sit every day. I have had many many clients switch to a standing desk. Some use it exclusively and have ditched their chairs and some switch back and forth between standing …

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Foam Roll Between Massages

You don’t need to be a Pro Athlete to treat your body like one. Using a foam roller on a regular basis can help relieve many tight muscle problems. I recommend that all my clients use a foam roller between massages to maintain the relaxation gained in the muscles during massage. This is the simplest …

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Massage Helps Pain

Have you ever had a massage that was painful during the session? You have to know that if your muscles have gone into deep spasm and are full of knots and toxins they will hurt when pressure is applied. This is not to be confused with deeply overworked muscles that can get damaged or torn. …

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Stretch of the Week- Spine Stretch

In yoga this stretch is called Cat Cow. It is a great stretch for the spine.  A lot of people believe that your spine is your center life force and that it’s health is crucial to your entire well being. So why wouldn’t you take good care of it… you only get 1 spine in …

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Functional Massage

At Massage Works Los Gatos we use a variety of therapeutic modalites to create a functional massage for our clients. What exactly does this mean? We want you to function at your very best. When you walk in with a specific type of pain… knee pain for instance. Your therapist will palpate the muscles in …

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7 Yoga Postures to do Daily

7 Best Yoga Poses to Soothe Back Pain – Back Pain Center – Everyday Health If I had to choose 7 yoga poses to do every day this would be them. You will often find me doing these at the end of the day to stretch my back and legs out if I wasn’t …

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