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Functional Massage

At Massage Works Los Gatos we use a variety of therapeutic modalites to create a functional massage for our clients. What exactly does this mean? We want you to function at your very best. When you walk in with a specific type of pain… knee pain for instance. Your therapist will palpate the muscles in …

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Massage Therapy Works Post Work Out

Massages may seem indulgent, but a new study from McMaster University in Canada gives you permission to spoil yourself. Researchers found that a 10 minute rubdown post-workout reduces inflammation, lessens soreness, and increases energy production in your muscles (helping them perform at their peak during your next sweat session). “Massage may even help muscles fibers repair …

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Massage Works for Relief During Cancer

We have had the privilege of working with some clients who have gone through or are undergoing cancer treatments. Massage during cancer can help relieve pain and increase circulation and removal of toxins in the body. Massage therapy also imparts a feeling of well being and relaxation in the body at a time when encouraging a healing …

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Massage Works… not your average massage.

I had another client tell me about how they mentioned to a friend they were going to get a massage and the answer they got was, “it must be nice” and the client explained to them that she has injuries and the massages are therapeutic and really address her issues. Not to mention when she …

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Massage Works for Shoulder Pain

I had the most amazing out come with a client who had been diagnosed with frozen shoulder. When I first saw her she was suffering from severe pain and immobility in her right arm. She was a nurse who spent much time working with ear patients and had held her arm lifted to her patients …

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Massage Therapy for Golf

Here is an excellent article by Kris Kelly of Las Vegas Massage. We sure agree on most points here especially of the possible problems associated in the repetitive nature of the golf game. And the benefits of massage therapy to help release the after effects of too much golfing or muscle imbalances. My favorite part is the …

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Massage Works Case Study Sciatica

I have found massage therapy to be very effective on Sciatic pain with our clients. And I had another happy client this wee! She has had sciatic pain for 8 years. After her first visit the pain lessened but was still there at times. She told me she just thought it was something she would …

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Post Knee Replacement Surgury Case Study

A client came to us 5 years post knee replacement surgery. She was unable to straighten the knee and had been limping and reported significant pain while walking. She also had the other knee replaced with no complications. She had followed the usual prescribed rehab and physical therapy but it hadn’t helped. With weekly massages focused …

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TMJ Case Study

This week we helped a client get relief from TMJ. TMJ is Temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMJ syndrome, is an umbrella term covering acute or chronic inflammation of the temporomandibular joint, which connects the mandible to the skull. It showed up in our client as pain when opening mouth for a large bite of food and a clicking noise in the joint.  Our job is to …

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