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Massage Works Los Gatos is a professional massage therapy clinic specializing in getting you therapy that works. We help our clients get relief from muscle aches, pain and stress and tension of their busy lives.

Tina Deane, founder of Massage Works does the majority of the writing on our blog. She has been practicing massage in Los Gatos since 2001 and passionate about a healthy, holistic lifestyle most of her life. Some might describe her as a “health nut” who loves to cook and make healthy food taste great. So you will find loads of good recipes on our site.

Tina Deane

Tina Deane

Massage Works Los Gatos is located in downtown Los Gatos near the high school. We love our location we have redwood tree just outside our doors and a nice sized parking lot!



Massage Works Los Gatos is by appointment only we do have online scheduling available on our website.

We hope you enjoy our blog we have a wide range of massage, nutrition and holistic health topics to share with you. This is of course not a substitute for medical care in any way.



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