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My Experiment Being Bulletproof

This only makes sense if you are familiar with Dave Asprey and the Bulletproof Exec.

I had heard of him and his bulletproof coffee but really got to know his philosophy via his podcast; Bulletproof Radio. I am a bit of a podcast addict and love his information and his guests. And I love the intention of eating and supplementing for optimal mitochondria function which Dave is fanatical about.

But let me back up I had first heard of bulletproof coffee I think on facebook and swore I would never drink a coffee with butter in it. Imagine the calories and fat, ahhh! Though really it is probably about the same calories or maybe even less then the average grande frappa-something and definitely less sugar which is a great thing.

But after listening to Bulletproof radio for awhile I had to learn more. So I read the Bulletproof Diet which breaks down the research about why putting butter and coconut oil in you coffee might be a good idea.

It seems when you eat the right amount of fat and less carbohydrates you burn fat as fuel this is called ketosis. It turns out the brain loves ketones for energy, hmmmm who knew?  Let me say that again it teaches the body to go into fat burning mode, well awesome!

I have pretty much tried every other crazy health diet and trend, why not this one? It’s a little more difficult for me to get into I spent my formative years in the heart of the low fat belief system. I have eaten more then my share of Snackwell cookies (remember those, yuck). But if that is the problem and why the whole country is getting sicker and sicker maybe more fat is a good idea. So I’m in!

Today was day 1… and I got my wonderful husband to try it also! Bless that man he is up to try any weird concoction I make him!


We each had 2 cups of Bulletproof coffee to start our day today. That would be a total of 16 oz. coffee, 2 Tbs. Butter and 2 tsp. Bulletproof MCT oil each. You blend the drink in the vitamix and it does come out creamy and tasty! We both liked it and I dare say we both felt a surge of energy and focus this morning. And for me I feel it has lasted throughout a busy day of leading a meeting, having lunch with colleagues and seeing clients in the afternoon. It’s 8:30pm and I am still going strong writing this when I should probably be headed home. Now this could be a placebo effect so we’ll give it a awhile and see how it goes. So far I like it and am looking forward to Bulletproof coffee again tomorrow.

It actually tastes very good!

It actually tastes very good!

Tina Deane

Tina Deane

Tina Deane owner of Massage Works Los Gatos has been helping clients get relief from pain since 2001.

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