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Does My Child Need a Massage?

Do you have a child who suffers from back pain or dis-comfort from playing sports and you don’t know what to do?

I get asked this question a lot by clients and parents who have kids who have been complaining about some aches and pains. We all think that the young ones should be pain free but that is not always the case.

I have never seen a very young kid about 5 or 6 but the youngest guy I saw was 8. His mom was a client and he hurt himself on a trampoline (a great way to get injured, I know from a broken ankle myself) and it was effecting his ability to kick the soccer ball. Not knowing what to do she brought him to me for just a 30 minute session he definitely was too little to need any longer then that. I worked on his back fairly gently but it un-kinked what ever was causing him pain and he felt better. Of course he wanted to come back after that and as an athlete it is probably a good thing that he get’s a quick massage every 3 months or so.

Kids play a lot of sports, do a ton of activities and spend way too much time bent over electronic devices so they end up with some aches and pains. You just don’t want them to be chronic problems. Which is where taking care of themselves with exercise, stretching and body work can help.

Sports and activity pain is pretty simple to take care of with proper training, stretching, rest and possibly massage or chiropractic care when necessary.

The bigger problem with kids is their posture over their electronic devices. The average head weighs 8-12 pounds when you hang it forward looking down you are putting extreme strain on the neck and back. This is a big problem with adults but I suspect kids are showing problems already with the back pain they are beginning to have and they will be connected to these devices for a longer time of their lives. A recipe for lot’s of problems later on. Definitely something to consider and discuss with your child.

Kid's on phones













I love the cation on that photo. But it really is a terribly straining posture and something to watch out for in yourself and young people too will greatly impact our health in the future.


Tina Deane owner of Massage Works Los Gatos has been helping clients get relief from pain since 2001. She practices what she preaches and incorporates healthy habits, body work

Tina Deane

Tina Deane

and a clean and green diet in her life. But believes balance is the key to a happy life!


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