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Foot Massage

Do you take good care of your feet?

Our feet do such a big job carrying us through life. I think they are quite a neglected part of the body (unless they hurt of course).

Doing massage I am on my feet all day and I have found that it is never my hands that end up hurting it’s my feet! To take care of them I have found some good practices and solutions.

  1. Wear good shoes, as much as I love to be bare foot I stand on quite a hard floor so I have found good shoes are imperative to my well being! I have tried everything and the best thing I have found are clogs… they aren’t sexy but they are so comfortable! Same kind of shoes chefs wear who are also on their feel all day (probably much longer then I am). The ones I like are Dansko and Sanita.
  2. Roll your feet! Two great ways to do this are on a golf ball. Or you can by special rubber balls with little nubs on them for massaging that are nice but golf balls work just as well and if your significant other is a golfer you will never have a shortage of tools around. The other thing to use that is awesome especially after a long day or after running or sports is a frozen water bottle. Reuse a 12 oz. water bottle by filling it 3/4 full with tap water and place in the freezer for whenever your feet need some relief that will help with inflammation as well!
  3. Self massage is great while watching TV or whenever you have bare feet and a few minutes to spare. Whatever feels good will be good for your footsies!
  4. And when getting a massage make sure to tell your therapist if your feet need some extra attention, or seek out a reflexologist who specializes in the feet and how the reflex points relate to the whole body, super fascinating!
  5. Stretch your calves. When you have tension in your feet it is inevitable that you will also have tension in your calf muscle (gastrocnemius) and achilles tendon too so give them a stretch a couple of times a day to help relieve your feet as well. My favorite stretch is a simple one check out the photo.

    Picture from

    Calf Stretch

If you have days when your feet hurt you take some time to give them some love. I can tell you for sure you do not want to ever get foot problems like plantar fascitis!


Tina Deane

Tina Deane

Tina is owner of Massage Works Los Gatos has been helping clients get relief from pain since 2001. She practices what she preaches and incorporates healthy habits, body work and a clean and green diet in her life. But believes balance and having fun is the key to a happy life!


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  1. I use Pinky balls for rolling my feet. They’re awesome and very inexpensive!

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