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8 Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas

giftIf you are doing any last minute shopping for this holiday season, here are 8 healthy gift ideas to give to your family and friends.

1. Give the gift of Massage!

Massage is healthy and beneficial for everyone. Research shows that massage is clinically therapeutic for physical pain and injuries, as well as reducing stress and supporting the immune system. It is particularly beneficial for anyone suffering with chronic pain, back pain, athletic injuries, stress and anxiety, any medical condition with a stress component, and depression.

2. Juicer – Juicing is a great way to detox, get more nutrients into your diet, and improve your health.  If one of your family members or friends wants to get into juicing, then why not give them a juicer this holiday.  Juicers range in price any where from $50-$200 or more. Other juicing gift ideas or accompaniments are a juice recipe book, a gift certificate to Whole Foods (many Whole Foods have great Juice Bars now and, of course, plentiful organic veggies and fruit to stuff their new juicer with), or protein powder to add into any glass of juice.

3. Fitness Classes and/or Lessons ­– So many people list exercise and health as a New Year’s resolution. You can help them get started by purchasing a set of classes or lessons to a local yoga center, zumba class, or dance studio. There are several wonderful centers and studios in the Los Gatos and south bay area.

4. Shower Filter – A shower filter may not be a show-stopper gift, but it is one of the more unique gifts you could give this year.  It helps to remove damaging chemicals like chlorine, fluoride and heavy metals. These chemicals damage hair, skin and nails over time and decrease hydration.

5. Farm Box – California has some of the best farms in the US and many of them are here in the bay area.  Several local farms offer boxes containing seasonal (and often organic) fruits and veggies. The prices differ by company and size of box. Many of them deliver straight to your doorstep.  Some include other grocery items you can pick and choose from. The local one we recommend is Farm Fresh to You, delivers right to your doorstep.

6. Ice-Skating – Perhaps it’s time to re-kindle those childhood memories and get into the holiday spirit.  Treat your family and friends to ice-skating this year. It’s a great way to exercise, work on your balance, and have fun.

7. Tea Press – Tea, especially green tea, has a large amount of antioxidants and has proven to lower blood pressure, decrease cholesterol, lower the risk of some types of cancer, decrease the risk for Parkinson’s disease and boost the immune system.  Buy this gift along with some loose leaf green tea to make the perfect healthy gift!

8. Water Bottle Purifier – If you are trying to find a gift for the hiking enthusiast this year, one great gift is the water bottle purifier.  This gift makes purifying water very simple without the hassle of all that extra equipment.  It’ll be just the thing to take on those long treks.

From all of us at Massage Works, have a wonderful holiday this year!

MW_LOGOMassage Works Los Gatos offers massage therapy that does just that, it works, to help you get relief from chronic or acute pain as well as stress and strain. Our mission is to help active women and men incorporate massage as part of a healthy lifestyle to live with positive energy and vitality. Our skilled massage therapists help you get relief from problems such as headaches, carpal tunnel, knee pain and sciatica.

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