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Massage Therapy can help you get through this Flu Season

thermometer_and_pillsAs influenza season ramps up, now may be the time to stock up on your vitamins and get a massage.  Yes, a massage! Some of you may be wondering how a massage will help prevent you from getting the flu. More and more research shows that massage therapy helps to significantly boost your immune system.  It does this in a few different ways.

Firstly, massage therapy increases blood circulation. This in turn leads to a greater distribution of white blood cells, neutrophils, and lymphocytes.  These cells counter harmful infections and viruses thereby increasing immune function.

Secondly, massage therapy reduces your anxiety and the immune-suppressing hormone, cortisol.  Cortisol is a steroid hormone produced in the adrenal cortex that suppresses the immune system. It acts as a signal to the body to stop immune function in order to deal with immediate stresses. Many studies have demonstrated that massage therapy lowers cortisol levels both immediately after a single session and over a period of treatments.

Lastly, massage therapy increase natural killer (NK) cells.  One research study on women with breast cancer demonstrated that massage therapy increased NK cells following a 5-week massage therapy treatment. These cells are lymphocytes that seek-and-destroy tumors and certain virus-infected cells.  This includes the influenza virus. NK cells have the ability to recognize and kill flu carrying cells.

Instead of getting sick and missing work, perhaps it’s time to call your massage therapist and boost up your immune system.

MW_LOGOMassage Works Los Gatos offers massage therapy that does just that, it works, to help you get relief from chronic or acute pain as well as stress and strain. Our mission is to help active women and men incorporate massage as part of a healthy lifestyle to live with positive energy and vitality. Our skilled massage therapists help you get relief from problems such as headaches, carpal tunnel, knee pain and sciatica.

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