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My Transformation Cleanse

I love to cleanse a couple of times a year.

It gives the body a break and cleans out any toxins and mucus accumulated from food and the environment. And I eat pretty clean but as long as I do regular cleanses and eat well I don’t have any seasonal allergies that used to plague me.

I was contemplating what cleanse to do when the 10 day Transformation Cleanse came to my attention. After checking out what was involved and the ingredients (the ingredients are excellent) I jumped on getting a $50.00 gift card and ordering the cleanse.

10 Day Transformation Cleanse

It’s always a challenge to find a good time to go off “normal” eating. I did have a couple of events but I just decided to go for it and not eat or drink anything at the events I had scheduled already.

My first day was Sept 27th I was most anxious to see how the Power Shake tasted that I was going to be having 3 times a day for the next 10 days. I was super excited when it tasted quite delicious! Whoo hoo a green drink that tastes good, thank goodness!

I noted my weight and took a couple measurements and away I went.

The first 3 days are always the most interesting. You have the most detox symptoms and most likely to really crave food during this time. So I chose not to work out, I just went for a 30 minute walk each day. I definitely had detox symptoms, a mild headache and fatigue. So I went to bed early and made it through the first 3 days no problem.

Starting day 4 I went back to the gym and had great workouts. My energy was good and I was starting to feel really good and noticed my clothes were looser. I stuck to the program religiously and had my green drink and aminos right on time everyday and my energy kept getting better and better! I also added in a few epsom salt baths to help with the detox and they were great!

Then day 8 I went back into detox… what the hell? I had some lemon water in the morning, probably should have done that all along it is so good while cleansing. I was severely tired that night so I ate half an avocado and rested. Well the next morning… (this is tmi I’m sure) I’m pretty sure I got rid of some gall stones. And then I felt AWESOME!

So even for me at the end there was more detoxing to do, pretty amazing. I was quite smug on how well I did at that point. Was enjoying a snack of an avocado to add some extra nurishment and geez an avocado tastes great with just a little salt.

Then day 10 came the home stretch I was super excited but had a very busy day. Didn’t drink enough water or take all my shakes and supplements on time. I got home and was starving, uh oh, I had a shake, had an avocado and just couldn’t get rid of the need to eat. So I ate a bag of lentil chips, LOL, what can I say I’m human at least it wasn’t a pint of icecream or a buger! Almost made the full 10 days perfect but one slip up, not too bad.

And I still had super results, I felt totally AMAZING, lost 6.5 pounds and 1 inch from my waist and 4 inches from my hips. Which tells me this was straight fat loss! Now I do believe this is so good for my health that is my motivator but I also love fitting back into my skinny jeans!

Green Drink

Green Drink

What were my favorite parts of the Transformation Cleanse?

  1. Simplicity it was very easy to do
  2. Tastes great
  3. Anabolic not catabolic (retains muscle doesn’t use it for fuel)
  4. The products are awesome and made in California
  5. It works Awesome!
  6. The ingredients are very alkalizing!

What positive results did I experience?

  • Increased energy
  • Desire to eat healthy foods
  • Clear sinuses
  • Weight loss
  • Joint pain relief
  • Smooth skin
  • Loss of cellulite
  • Improved muscle tone

I loved the products so much that I signed up to be a distributor for the company. I absolutely will continue the green shakes and the master amino complex!  If you would like your own $50.00 Gift Card send me comment.  I’d love to help you get started on the Transformation also!


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