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Highly Recommend Happy the Movie

We can always use a feel good movie and “Happy” is it!

I just watched the movie Happy. It had been on my Netflix cue for awhile and I finally got to it and am so thrilled I did.

Happiness is usually what we all want in life… but how do we get it? Why do people who often have so very little seem so happy?

This film answers some of these questions. And just makes you smile to watch it!

Happy Movie

The most interesting thing is that the things that cause happiness are not things you can buy. Surprise… money can’t buy happiness. The take away for me is to play more, move more, be of service, have compassion and meditate.

Happiness is an inside job and we can cultivate happiness by the things we do and the people we are around. I would encourage anyone to take a look at this movie and think of ways to add more happy causing activities in your life.

I know my husband and I periodically schedule play dates. Where we will go do things just for the fun of it like ride roller coasters, swing on the swings at the park, go for a hike, build a bo nfire at the beach. The possibilities are endless but we forget how to play and getting back to that is good for us it makes us happy and relieves stress.

I love what the philosophy of the Dali Lama The Art of Happiness, his religion is compassion and really is there anyone more happy then him? Do something nice for another person that will raise your level of happiness and theirs I would venture to guess also.

Check out another blog we posted on happiness.

And this is what I like to say whenever something good happens


It just makes me happy!









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