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The Best Core Exercises

Here are the Two Best Core Exercises

These are true core exercises to support your spine. The intention of these is not 6 pack abs but to protect your low back. Low back problems are something we work on in massage all the time. A great way to prevent them is to strengthen the muscles of your core. Meaning your deep abdominals and your low back.

I recently saw my Pilates instructor for series to work on my sciatica and these were the 2 most important exercises she gave me  to strengthen my core and almost everyone should be doing!

The first exercise is Dead Bug.

Funny name but effective exercise for core stability. You want to lie on your back engage your core, bend knees at 90 degrees and extend opposite arm and leg. You want the core to remain stable and not move at all while doing the movements. Switch arms and legs each time do 15 times per side.

Here is a super short video that shows a good demo of the exercise.

The second exercise is Bird Dog.

This exercise stabilizes and strengthens the lower back and support muscles. Start on your hands and knees raise right arm and left leg, hold for 5 seconds, make sure to not tilt your pelvis or move your torso while doing the exercise. Alternate sides. There are more instructions from Ace.

Practice these exercises every other day to support your back and give your core strength for every move you make throughout your day.







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