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Massage Helps Pain

Have you ever had a massage that was painful during the session?

You have to know that if your muscles have gone into deep spasm and are full of knots and toxins they will hurt when pressure is applied. This is not to be confused with deeply overworked muscles that can get damaged or torn. Which is why having a great practitioner is very important.

I like to tell people that the massage really shouldn’t hurt. It is a sign that your muscles are under extreme stress and unhealthy. And the more tender they are the worse the case is.

When muscles lock up they lose circulation and accumulate metabolic waste, old blood and as they would say in Chinese medicine “evil chi” meaning stagnant energy. This is what is causing the pain. Effective massage may hurt during but then you will feel improvement in the muscles and it will progressively get better until the pain is no longer there. Then you know you have healed your muscles and they are healthy again.

I have a client who was having extreme upper back pain and numbness in both her pinky fingers when she began seeing me. This client easily spends over 10 hours per day typing on the keyboard of her computer. She had already been seeing a different massage person for 2 years once per week with little or no improvement. She started to see us under the urging of a friend. It was a new experience for her in that our work was very focused on the muscles of the neck, upper back and arms and it hurt quite a bit. We work as deeply as necessary but we are sensitive to not go so deep that the clients muscles fight back, that is counter productive. Within 4 weeks the clients upper back pain had gone away between visits and the massages became less painful. The arms took a bit longer and are an ongoing challenge with the amount of work they do. But the client has even told me the massages are now pleasant and not as painful as they were in the beginning.

It is not a fun part of our job that sometimes the massages are painful but when our clients get such great relief of their pain it is very rewarding for us as practitioners and a very happy result for the clients.







Massage Works Los Gatos brings massage therapy that does just that, it works, to help you get relief from chronic or acute pain as well as stress and strain. Our mission is to help active women and men incorporate massage and a healthy lifestyle into their lives to live with positive energy and vitality.

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  1. Sometimes my sessions with you are more “ouchy” (as you call it) : ) than others, but I know that you’re in there doing your great work to heal the damage that I’ve done to myself. I always feel improvement afterward, and the next session is easier!

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