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I recently watched a food documentary “Ingredients” and was really impressed with it. It is quite worth a watch.

There are other wonderful films about our food supply that are great and important but pretty alarming. Like “The Future of Food” “Food Matters” and “Forks over Knives”.

What I loved about “Ingredients” was that it was quite hopeful. There is so much nutrition and hope in small local farms. And it’s a wonderful way to support the little guys not big agribusiness which is definitely not looking out for our health or that of the planet. It’s so nice to see that younger people are interested in farming good quality produce again. You can see evidence of this at many farmers markets.

My favorite was the chefs that look for superior ingredients they showed were all French and you know how they are about food. If we were all as picky as the French we’d be a lot healthier.

There was also an interview with Alice Waters of Chez Panisse who was really a pioneer of local, good quality  food in the Bay Area. She also trained in France, so funny.

But from a health standpoint if you can get your fruits and vegetables closer to home from farms that care about the taste of their products and the quality of the soil not produce that has sat on a truck and in cold storage for an unknown amount of time. You will get better nutrition from your food and help your body get the vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients from the food the way you are meant to. The longer a fresh fruit or vegetable sits around the more nutrients it looses.

How I get local produce is first from the farmers markets. We are super lucky to live in California where there are year round farmers markets. The other thing I get is a farm box or a CSA. I have done both and as long as the produce is fresh and from within 50 miles of home it’s a great way to supplement my farmers market trips.

Definitely worth a watch, you can get it on Netflix.










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