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Massage in Brooklyn, New York

When I go away I try to check out new massage therapy places. Whether it be local or far away I like to check somewhere new out. But I do try to find somewhere that offers therapeutic work not just the typical spa foo-fee massages. I also believe that when taking time off the usual schedule massage is the perfect treatment to help your body unwind.

I was in New York visiting a very dear friend and got to check out The Green Spa and Wellness Center. It is in Brooklyn a bit out of the city. My friend came with me as well and she was super happy she did!  I have a friend from ages ago who works there. I always see her marketing on facebook and have wanted to check it out for a long time.

It’s in a cute neighborhood, Bayridge and not far from a subway stop. It actually only took us about 45 minutes from the upper west side. It’s in a commercial strip of buildings that looks like maybe they were once homes.

The space is nicely done, in fact some of the decor is totally like something I would do. There is a nice reception and retail space. There are facial rooms on the bottom floor as well as a beautiful waiting room that has an amazing mosaic of a lotus.

There are 2 upstairs floors of treatment rooms, quite a few rooms but I didn’t count. They have a couple of larger rooms too for couples massages or classes. All there rooms are set up according to Feng Shui and you can really feel the good energy! There is an awesome steam shower/ wet room I have to schedule a steam and scrub treatment next time I’m there. Winter in New York gets so dry it must be great healing for people’s skin.

The massages we had were good. I had gotten a massage the week I left so chose not to go deep tissue I chose soothing stone I was a bit worried it would be freezing in NY and I would need the heat to relax (I was interested in trying the cupping massage too but the timing didn’t work) it was a lovely treatment and the extra warmth did just what I hoped it really melted the travel stress from my muscles. My therapist Grace was very good and so sweet. I could tell when she found my trouble spots because she would spend extra time on it.

My friend was really looking to work some much neglected knots out and she was super happy. Her therapist worked her over good and really focused on the really tight areas. So know that when they say deep tissue at The Green Spa they mean it and my friend was super grateful for that. She felt great and also quite sore. Considering it had been at least a year since she had a massage (which I gave her a scolding about) it was just what she needed. She has committed to going back once a month at least!

The list of services at The Green Spa and Wellness Center is quite extensive and they offer classes and workshops also. There is a very interesting workshop on Feng Shui for new beginnings and I can personally testify to the fact that setting your environment up in the right way can really effect your life in a positive way!  I would love to be able to check some of their other offerings out too. I get so excited to see a health based business thriving, helping people and employing many talented therapists. I will look forward to a return trip when I go back to New York.

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