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Healthy Gift Ideas

Healthy Gift Ideas (part 4)

Here is another great idea to help those on your list stay healthy (other then massage gift certificates of course, for those you can purchase here). Glass storage containers… you can never really have enough of these!

Give the gift of glass. As you may be aware of we all want to avoid plastic containers as much as possible. There is an excellent study on how much BPA we actually absorb that was recently done by Harvard if you are interested here is the link. BPA the chemical in plastics that gives them their pliability has been found to possibly lead to cancer, and hormone disturbances. Nasty stuff I avoid it as much as possible. Besides is there anything more wasteful then using single use plastic water bottles that have been shipped from who knows how far away when we have good water flowing out of our taps… given a little filtering.

The best water bottle around is made from glass covered in a silicone sleeve. By Lifefactory  they have water bottles of various sizes and baby bottles so the littlest people don’t get any of the nasty chemicals. Glass really is the best to drink from you can add vitamin powders like Oxylent or fruit or make tea in them and they wash as clean as your average glass. And go in the dishwasher too.  A wonderful gift for anyone looking to avoid added toxins in their lives. Yes, glass can break but unless you are super hard on your bottle in which case go for stainless steel, you would go though many times the cost in plastic water bottles before you break one of these babies!

The other glass container that everyone should have is to store your food in. You don’t want to keep food in plastic storage especially not hot food. Glass is the way to go here. My favorite food storage set comes from Crate and Barrel but you can find them at many different stores.

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