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Monthly Archives: October, 2012

Massage Research- Acupressure Relieves Neck Pain

At Massage Works we utilize a lot of release on pressure points or acupressure points to relieve pain for our clients. Some of the most common areas people have pain are the neck and shoulders. Usually induced by stress and many hours at the computer. Seeing the research that these points work just reinforces what …

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Stretch of the Week – Figure Four Stretch

Try this when you get home after a long day, or after a run or workout. Massage therapy works wonders on tight hips but to loosen them on your own or in between massage sessions this is a great way to begin stretching the hips. Start by laying on your back. Cross the right leg …

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Spanish Tortilla – Potato and Onion Frittata

This is a recipe I learned from a friend of mine’s Spanish husband. He made it for us when I was visiting them in England. I’ve simplified the Spanish way of using 2 pans to just one and after you cook the vegis you can just pop it all in the oven. The fabulous thing …

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Massage Works for Ultra Marathon Man

I’m always excited when I see an article or interview by athletes who talk about how massage helps them recover and stay injury free in their sports. I picked up a copy of Competitor magazine yesterday and there was an article titled “UltraRunning Body Shop” in which Tim Neckar, a running coach and ultra runner …

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Stretch of the Week: Seated Lower Back Stretch

Here is a simple lower back stretch that you can do right now. Many of us suffer from low back pain from time to time. Sitting a good portion of the day which shortens the hip flexors and hamstrings play a big part of this. As do muscle weakness in the core. Sometimes you just …

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