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Stretch of the Week- Child’s Pose

If you have every gone to a yoga class you have definitely done child’s pose.  It is considered a rest pose in yoga and the benefits are many. Such as  gently stretch the hips, thighs, and ankles, calms the brain and helps relieve stress and fatigue, relieves back and neck pain.

How to: Kneel on the floor. Touch your big toes together and sit on your heels, then separate your knees about as wide as your hips or as wide as is comfortable.

Exhale and lay your torso down between your thighs. Lengthen your tailbone away from the back of the pelvis while you lift the base of your skull away from the back of your neck. Breathe into your back. If your bottom doesn’t stay on your heals while bend forward that’s ok, too.

Extend the arm in front of you, palms down on floor not allowing shoulders to raise up toward ears.

Rest and breathe deeply for anywhere from 30 seconds to several minutes.

An option if kneeling on the floor isn’t comfortable… or you are at the office is doing the forward fold in a chair.

Either way is great for your body and mind!



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Massage Works Los Gatos

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