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Massage Works for Osteoarthritis

We see many clients who have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis and seek massage therapy to have reduced pain and increased range of motion in their joints.

Here is an awesome study funded by the National Center for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine. To read the full study go here

Here are some highlights I really found interesting and very useful for how much massage can help people suffering for OA.

Like many degenerative joint diseases, osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee is painful and limits function. Typical drug therapies are not always helpful and have unpleasant side effects. Six years ago, Dr. Perlman and his team reported the results of a pilot study that offered massage therapy as a feasible, safe and potentially effective treatment for the 27 million Americans that suffer from this condition. The purpose of the current study was to define the “optimal dose” of massage therapy for OA

I was interested to see that massage showed the greatest benefit with having sessions once a week for 1 hour in length. The measurements used to asses improvements were the Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Arthritis Index (WOMAC), which assesses pain, function and joint stiffness; a visual analog scale (VAS) for pain; range of motion (ROM); and the amount of time needed to walk 50 feet.

The optimal dose of massage to improve symptoms of OA of the knee was revealed to be 60 minutes once a week. This result is consistent with the results of their previous pilot study.

This makes perfect sense our massage therapy clients often see the greatest ongoing improvements in pain relief and increase in range of motion when the see their Massage Works Los Gatos therapist once a week.

Massage Works Los Gatos provides massage therapy that does just that, it works to help you get relief from chronic or acute pain. Our mission is to help active women and men incorporate massage and a healthy lifestyle into their lives to live with positive energy and vitality.




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