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For the Love of Detox

I admit to being in love with a good detox. You feel so amazing after a few days or longer of cleaning out the diet and your body it really changes how you look and feel.

I’ve heard some reports that you don’t need to detox that the body is made to be a self cleaning system. This may be true but our environment is excessively toxic today and that’s even if you don’t add any extra toxins like alcohol or processed foods plus we often don’t move enough to get our lymphatic system moving optimally. I know from personal experience that your body feels so good after doing a cleanse that some bad stuff must be getting cleaned out.

I have done elimination cleanses where you only eat a limited diet (raw fruits and vegis only for example), I have done the             Master Cleanse many times and I have done juicing cleanses till I wore my juicer out. I tend to like to keep my cleanses simple and I don’t personally like to take a fist full of supplements to get an effective cleanse. I think just greatly restricting my diet gets the process going very well everything else just helps it along.

Fall and spring are the best times to cleanse in my opinion. It feels the most natural to do so those times of the year. The most recent cleanse I have done was the Blessed Herbs Colon Cleanse which uses a fiber supplement to clean out the colon. It was fairly simple with no unpleasant side effects. I enjoyed this cleanse because it really cleaned out the colon (not to be too graphic) but you can’t properly eliminate any toxins or absorb nutrients if your colon is sluggish. And I felt even better then expected after this cleanse with out hardly any great trouble or hunger. A cleanse I will do again and would definitely recommend!

Of course if you are new to cleansing you would want to run it by your health care provider before you do anything too drastic… especially if you take any prescription medication.

The benefits I notice from cleansing are:

  • Increased energy
  • Clear thinking
  • Weight loss
  • Improved digestion
  • Elimination of joint pain
  • Eliminate food cravings

One of the most interesting benefits of cleansing and one that will force me to continue to do them is the fact that I notice less pain and stiffness in my joints after doing them. I’m not sure the reasoning behind this but I imagine that metabolic wastes are caught in the joints and as the tissues releases excess waste during a cleanse the joint tissues do as well and it improves the heath of the joints. I would love to find some research on this it’s purely anecdotal but works for me!

Here are some reasons Dr. Frank Lipman lists for doing a detox.

Here are my top five reasons to do a good detox every now and then:

1) A good detox will make your engine purr.

Just like your car runs better after a tune-up, our bodies function better when they’re purged of the built-up waste products and toxins that compromise health. A truly effective detox must go beyond fasting or juicing by supplying the specific ingredients needed to boost the body’s own detoxification system. The toxins and chemicals of modern industrial life assault our bodies every day. Our systems are constantly neutralizing and eliminating them, but the problem is, over time, this exposure overwhelms the detox organs, (primarily the liver and the gut). So, instead of getting eliminated, toxins wind up being stored in various tissues, bodily functions start to slow then falter, setting the stage for the development of chronic diseases.

A periodic detox will keep your engine humming and help you to maintain good health in the long-term.

2) A detox has wonderful side effects.

Although the primary goal of a good detox is to reset and optimize detox function, the side effects are wonderful too – most people will experience:

  • Weight loss
  • A boost in energy levels
  • Less bloating and puffiness
  • Clearer skin
  • Improved digestion
  • Better sleep
  • Relief from aches and pains

3) A detox program is like a vacation for digestion.

A good cleanse resets your body, giving it a fresh start. Your digestve organs will get a vacation from the bad stuff allowing your body’s natural detoxification systems to reboot and return to peak performance.  Herbal anti-microbials diminish the flood of internal toxins from yeast and parasites, lightening the load on the liver so it doesn’t get overwhelmed. Digestive enzymes ensure fewer negative effects from undigested foods. Fiber feeds the cells lining the intestines thereby supporting cellular integrity and decreasing inflammation. Eliminating foods that often cause sensitivities or reactions will give your digestive system a well earned rest.

4) A good detox will create a heightened sense of well-being

A good detox should make you feel buoyant, energetic and vital, not spaced-out, deprived, physically weak or cranky. By not ingesting the toxins and irritants that are a common cause of sensitivities, reactions, irritation and inflammation – and by supplementing with digestive enzymes, fiber and herbal anti-bacterials, the work load on your body is reduced – which leaves your engine with more energy for other things. You should feel lighter and more mentally focused.

5) A good detox could possibly change your life

One of the most powerful things I see in my practice is the life-changing effects of living a healthier lifestyle. Not only is an effective cleanse like giving yourself a good wash and polish on the inside, but it often makes a powerful entry point into living a healthier lifestyle. Many of my patients feel such a big change in such a short time, that they want to remain feeling that way. A good cleanse can kick-start healthy habits and get you started on the path of smarter choices and sustainable health – the cornerstone of long-term wellness.

You simply feel so good and you don’t want it to stop.

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