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Stretch of the Week- Spine Stretch

In yoga this stretch is called Cat Cow. It is a great stretch for the spine.  A lot of people believe that your spine is your center life force and that it’s health is crucial to your entire well being. So why wouldn’t you take good care of it… you only get 1 spine in this lifetime.

We spend so much of our time still… sitting in cars and at our desks that our spines inevitably stiffen up. I have a belief that you will stay younger if you maintain a flexible spine nothing shows age as much as a stiff body and this starts in the core, the spine.

A. Cow- begin with hands directly under shoulders, knees directly under hips with toes curled under. Inhale and engage your core, lengthen the spine as you lift tailbone and head up. Be sure not to collapse spine.

B. Cat- Exhale, engage core, drop tailbone and head, extend spine towards the ceiling.

Repeat, going between cat and cow, slowly on the inhale and exhale. Do 10 – 20 cycles of movement.

Do this exercise every morning to bring flexibility to you spine.


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