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Need to Get More Sleep?

Getting enough sleep seems such a simple thing to do. But with our fast paced stressful lifestyles sleep is often the first thing to go. Which puts your body under additional stress. And I have overheard conversations where it’s almost a badge of honor who can function on the least sleep.

I must admit I really need about 9 hours of sleep. I can be good on less but under 7 hours and I really am not at my best.

And it’s a good thing here is a wonderful blog that includes 14 reasons why we need to get adequate sleep. The practice of going to bed earlier is truly great for our health and our waistlines. One thing they didn’t mention is how sleep helps injuries heal. It’s during sleep that the body repairs itself. At Massage Works we see people who are recovering from injuries and I believe clients get better faster when they have healthy sleep patterns and the massage therapy helps too.

Start good habits turn the computer and TV off  just 30 minutes earlier and begin to go to bed sooner. Try not to do anything too stressful in the couple hours before bed, like work email or paying bills. Wake up at the same time each day just start small and soon you will feel better.

14 Seriously Amazing Reasons to Snag a Good Night’s Sleep

Chances are, someone in your life — a parent, a partner, a doctor — has told you to “get some sleep.” From cutting your heart attack risk to improving your complexion to boosting your memory, here’s why you should heed their advice tonight.

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