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Stretch of the Week – Chest Opener

We all spend too much time with our shoulders going forward whether it’s a lot of computer time or poor posture or exercise tightening pec muscles. Massage therapy can help lengthen the muscles but regular stretching will help keep them in good shape!

The pectoralis major and minor are the major muscles in the front of the body that move arms forward and are used in moves like push ups.

You can stretch the chest and anterior shoulder muscles very easily in a doorway. You can do both arms at once or one at a time.

This will help the shoulders not to roll forward, improve posture and help breathing.

Though the picture is pretty self explanatory here is a simple set of instructions from ehow. Remember to take it slow and increase flexibility a little at a time.



    • Stand in a doorway in a lunge position. As you lunge forward be careful to not extend your knee past your front toe. You should be able to look down at your front knee and still see your toes. Lunging beyond the toes puts your knee at risk for injury. If you need a deeper stretch, step the feet wider apart.

    • 2

      Place your palms against the doorway so your hands are shoulder height. Your elbows are bent and close to your body.

    • 3

      Keeping your back straight, lunge forward until you feel a stretch in the chest. Keep your hips under your shoulders and your shoulders down and relaxed. Hold for 5 to 10 deep breaths.

    • 4

      You can do this stretch with your hands at different heights on the doorway to stretch you chest muscle at different angles.


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