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Massage For Well-being

This is our 100th Blog post! We are excited to continue to share our thoughts on massage, wellness and food!

Receiving regular massage can enhance your sense of well-being.

massage for wellbeing

Massage helps combat the effects of stress. In helping the body remember what it is to relax in our fast paced lives. Massage calms the nervous system and decreases anxiety. Your massage session can also lower your blood pressure, increase circulation and helps you to get a better nights sleep.

A healing massage therapy session can promote wellness in the body and an integration of the body and mind. It produces a meditative state which helps the mind reach Alpha State. Body work can put you in touch with your body with how it feels and what may be going on, in a way daily activities may not. It can provide emotional and spiritual balance bringing with it peace and relaxation.

The incredible benefits of massage are doubly powerful if taken in regular “doses.” Dr. Maria Hernandez-Reif, from the Touch Research Institute (TRI) at the University of Miami, is known for her massage research, along with colleague Tiffany Field. Together, they and other researchers have done outstanding work proving the value of massage. While their studies have shown we can benefit from massage even in small doses (15 minutes of chair massage or a half-hour table session), Hernandez-Reif says they know from their research that receiving bodywork 2-3 times a week is highly beneficial. And if we lived in a fantasy world, Hernandez-Reif has the answer. “I feel a daily massage is optimal.”

One of the reasons massage is super beneficial for the body is it releases endorphins,  the body’s natural painkiller and feel good chemical. So book your massage session at Massage Works today.

massage works los gatos

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