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The Beneficial Impact of Massage in Cancer Patients

This wonderfully informative article is a guest post by Melanie Bowen. Thank you for contributing to the education on how massage works in healing!

The Beneficial Impact of Massage in Cancer Patients

There is no denying that touch causes reactions in the human body. The very act
of touching causes sensations and responses in the body’s nervous and muscular
systems. For many years, people have experienced a deeper sense of relaxation,
calmness, and peace from massage therapy.

While the human touch can help emotionally, many athletes and doctors know that
massage can also play a very important role in the physical body as well. With more
and more research-taking place, the results are showing that massage can even
have beneficial impacts on the cancer patient.

The treatment for cancer can be as hard on the body as the disease itself, and
treatments for cancers such as mesothelioma, leukemia, and lymphoma can flood
the body with extreme levels of toxins. Massage can often improve the circulation of
the body’s blood and may help eliminate these toxins more readily.

The Pacific College of Oriental Medicine states there are many studies that have
been performed to test the impact of massage on the cancer patient. In 2007,
a study in the United Kingdom showed that aromatherapy massage decreased
feelings of worry, apprehension, and melancholy in some cancer patients. In
that same year, a Swedish study showed that cancer patients experiencing
chemotherapy and who had massages could more easily relax and avoid the fear
that accompanies a disease like cancer.

Likewise, an earlier American study showed that therapy such as the Swedish
massage could diminish symptoms experienced by the cancer patient. This
particular massage helped with anxiety, pain, sickness, weakness, and despair. It is
clear these studies strongly suggest there are many benefits in the human touch and
massage for the cancer patient.

There is no question that the human touch can offer cancer patients who are
experiencing worry and pain some relief. The facts show that there is a strong
correlation between massage and a reduction of some symptoms in cancer patients.
It would be wise to incorporate massage in the treatment of people who find
themselves faced with cancer. Whether it is an ease of pain in aching muscles or a
reduction of stress, massage can provide many benefits for the cancer patient.

Consult your doctor and find a massage therapy that will work best for you and your
treatment and reap all the benefits this natural remedy has to offer!

Author Melanie Bowen is a writer for the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance Blog

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