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Massage And Energy Work

We have written about how massage therapy is good for you in so many ways. It also goes hand in hand with many other complimentary therapies like Energy Work or Reiki. Massage therapy works very physically on the muscles, joints and connective tissues often there are emotional issues or old stuck energy patterns in the body and energy work is fantastic for clearing those out!

Massage Works has partnered with a very skilled energy worker, Krista Wallace who’s business is Head to Soul Healing. She is located in the same office as we are just across the hall.

We even set up a very special event called the double whammy for clients who wish to take their relaxation and healing to a whole new level. It includes an hour massage to get the body loosened up and very relaxed. Followed by an hour energy work session. Clients have experienced deep relaxation and healing during these yummy sessions where they just float away to bliss! It truly tunes up the body, mind and spirit.

Benefits of Energetic Healing

*  Stress relief and deep relaxation

*  Weight loss

*  Pain management

*  Reduces Anxiety

*  Minimize menopause symptoms

*  Release emotional trauma

*  Relieve migraine headaches

*  Removes negative/dense energy

*  Ease pre/post surgery

*  Discharge old patterns and beliefs

*  Strengthen immune system

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