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Release the IT Band on Foam Roller

A memory of a client when I had directed them on how to do this exercise. They had tried it at home between their massages and told me “it hurts!” I answered “perfect that means you’re doing it right”. Rolling the Iliotibial Band or IT Band is uncomfortable and even painful but it is the best thing to do to keep the IT Bands relaxed and healthy.  It is ideal to do if you have any knee or hip pain.

I love to roll them before and after my workouts as I am prone to knee pain and the foam roller helps to keep me in good shape for running especially. But when the foam roller just won’t do the trick to release the stubborn IT band it’s time for a massage!

Foam Roller Exercise – IT Band
Foam Roller Exercise - IT BandFoam Roller Exercise – IT BandPhoto � E. Quinn
Using the foam roller on the IT Band can be painful, but many people find it’s one of the most useful stretches you will do with the foam roller.Lie on the roller on your side, with the roller positioned just below the hip. Your top leg can be in line with the bottom leg if you want a lot of pressure. Or, bend it in front of you to unload some of your body weight and provide better balance.Use your hands for support and roll from the hip down to your knee, pausing on any tight or sore spots. Repeat on the your other side.

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