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Massage Works… not your average massage.

I had another client tell me about how they mentioned to a friend they were going to get a massage and the answer they got was, “it must be nice” and the client explained to them that she has injuries and the massages are therapeutic and really address her issues.

Not to mention when she has the proper areas really worked on it hurts. But nothing is worse then having an area that hurts you then get a massage that just passes over the spot and doesn’t work it out, totally frustrating!

We at Massage Works love to help our clients feel better and are definitely not “Foo-Fee” spa-ish massages. We are doing our part to get the word out that massage is good for the body and highly therapeutic to injuries and tight painful muscles but the common misconception that massage is simply pampering is very frustrating.

We have helped our clients get relief from a wide variety of serious problems like frozen shoulder, vertigo, headaches, fibromyalgia, knee pain, sciatica, tennis elbow and back pain. It is our greatest reward of seeing a client who was having pain get relief from it.

Bring us a challenging muscle problem we love it… that’s what we specialize in!

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