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Benefits of Massage: Injury Prevention

Are you an avid participant in athletics, intense exercise or recreational sports?

Many of our clients are. One thing Massage Works specializes in is helping athletes perform to the best of their ability and remain injury free!

Massage helps by keeping the muscles, tendons and ligaments supple and flexible. If you can imagine a dried stick as opposed to a supple branch which would be easier to break? The stick that is stiff and brittle of course. As keeping your body free of stress and tension will help prevent muscle and joint injuries for you.

The same idea holds true for your muscles and as stated in the article by Brian Mac not only keeping your muscles in shape but also a mind free of tension can help prevent injuries.

Some studies have shown that athletes who are aggressive, tense, and compulsive have a higher risk of injury than their relaxed peers do. Tension may make muscles and tendons tighter, increasing the risk that they will be harmed during workouts.

A massage before or after your activities also aids in your flexibility as well as circulation. It helps rid the soft tissues of metabolic wastes built up during activity and and circulate fresh blood through the tissues.

Other things you can also do to prevent injury is rest at appropriate times, warm up, stretching, foam roller, rest (oh did I already mention that one) and get regular body work!

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