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Computer posture is super important!

Does this look like you at the computer??? How long do you sit at the computer during the day? Remember when your mom would tell you as a kid not to make that face it might stay that way? Well this is an example of that very problem. If you sit like this all day your body will begin to succumb to gravity and stay this way. We see clients with all kind of muscle imbalances from forward head posture of poor posture, muscle spasms in upper shoulders, pecs, neck muscles. It’s no wonder there are so many locked up upper backs and tension head aches.

If you look at the body slouched like this you can tell it is also compressing the lungs, stomach and liver. Not a very good situation for your well being. And your poor neck is suspending your head which is very heavy imagine holding a bowling ball out like that… would get heavy fast and cause you strain!

The most important issue to improve your posture is to be mindful of it, have a desk and chair that fit you properly and are adjusted well. Watch this short video on how to set up your work space properly. Take regular breaks to move your arms and shoulder. Get regular massages to work out the tight muscles from the work you do all day long. Stretch your neck, back and shoulders.

Try this stretch for your shoulders: gomukhasana or cow face pose as demonstrated in yoga journal.

Thank you to Kris Kelly of Las Vegas Massage for this fabulous image via Pinterest.

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