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How do I cook dried beans?

A client pointed out that if they don’t know how to make some of the base ingredients that some of the recipes I post on Food Fridays can be kind of difficult to make.

So May the focus of Food Fridays is back to basics. Each week I’ll focus on one basic technique of healthy cooking with just these 4 weeks of directions you can put together many healthy meals!

Beans are a nutritional power house, a plant-based protein source with high fiber, low-fat and full of phytonutrients. For more information on the nutritional value of beans check out

Beans are extremely versatile you can add them to pastas, make hummus, put them on salads, add to scrambled eggs, mix with rice and salsa, make delicious soups, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination… I’ve even seen a brownie recipe with black beans, haven’t tried it yet though.

It is much more economical, healthier (no bpa lined cans) and better for the environment to prepare your beans from dried beans but if you are like I used to be they often ended up burned or under cooked, very frustrating! Until I heard about making beans in the slow cooker or crock pot, Oh my it has changed my life!!!

Step 1: Soak Beans over night. Put the amount for dried beans you want to cook into a bowl cover with boiling water overnight, preferably. Drain and rinse then you are ready to cook.

Step 2: Put your soaked beans into slow cooker 1 part beans to 3 parts water. That means if you are using 1 cup of dried beans you use 3 cups of water or 2 cups of beans and 6 cups water and so on.

Step 3: Turn slow cooker on low and leave to cook 5-8 hours depending on beans… you really can’t over cook them the beans will just get a bit softer. I have left beans all day and they turned out great!

Optional add flavorings chopped onion and/or garlic and dried herbs. Add salt after cooking.

Once you have your cooked and seasoned beans use in any dish you want to make. Or you can freeze the beans in liquid once cooled.

Here are some seasoning ideas from another source on slow cooked beans.

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