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Massage Works for Shoulder Pain

I had the most amazing out come with a client who had been diagnosed with frozen shoulder.

When I first saw her she was suffering from severe pain and immobility in her right arm.

She was a nurse who spent much time working with ear patients and had held her arm lifted to her patients heads for extended periods of time. Over time she got more and more pain in her arm and hand. Then came tingling and numbness. She suffered from what many of us do…”maybe it will just go away” syndrome. Plus she was helping people and couldn’t take time away from work.

When I began working on her she was quite disheartened that she would ever be able to fully use that arm again. She was limited at work and in all kinds of work comp problems. She just wanted to be able to give a hug or swing a tennis racket again.

I began her massage therapy treatments once and sometimes twice per week regularly for about 3 months. It wasn’t immediate but by working out the tender muscles of her shoulder girdle, bicep, pecs, scalenes, forearms and brachialis she got better. Her muscles were very contracted many pressure points and some scar tissue was present to work through. I would guess she had thoracic outlet syndome as well as frozen shoulder. I am so proud that I was able to help this client resolve such a complex issue with out surgery.

The amazing thing that before you knew it her pain was almost totally gone… so what did she do?

She started swimming, doing yoga, playing tennis and took up many forms of working out she had been unable to do for years… And she lost 70 lbs!!!

She is an inspiration!


  1. Wow! That’s quite an amazing story, Tina! Congratulations to you both for such incredible progress. The body does have the power to heal itself, given the right help, and surgery should definitely be the last resort.

    • It’s so exciting for me to see people get amazing results!

  2. Rebekah Deane

    Wish you lived close and could work on my shoulder! as well as all the other knots and tension! So glad you can help people feel better naturally!

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