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The Future Of Massage || Massage Therapy Articles

The Future Of Massage || Massage Therapy Articles.

This is a great article from Massage and Body Work Professionals about where massage may go in the future.

I personally believe we will see more and more therapeutic uses and studies of the results of massage therapy. I believe there will be increased insurance coverage someday.

I am concerned about the possible increase of franchises that don’t always have the highest quality massages available and are more interested in high volume.

I know for us at Massage Works our plans for the future include continuing to help our clients get relief from pain and recovering from injuries. Adding more skilled massage therapists and expanding our knowledge of body work techniques are always on our adgenda.

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  1. I look forward to the day when more insurance companies recognize massage therapy as just that – therapy. I was recently approved for 8 weeks of physical therapy because of neck and shoulder pain, but why not include massage therapy too? I think it’s often viewed as a fluffy indulgence, and the big francises are the main source of that stereotyping.

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