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Massage Therapy for Golf

Here is an excellent article by Kris Kelly of Las Vegas Massage. We sure agree on most points here especially of the possible problems associated in the repetitive nature of the golf game. And the benefits of massage therapy to help release the after effects of too much golfing or muscle imbalances. My favorite part is the “impact you feel when the club hits the ground” ha no that happens to me too for sure. We also agree that massage therapy can increase your flexibility and help improve your game.Is Your Golf Swing Causing Your Back Pain?Playing golf involves several movements that can often make you feel pain.Bending over to pick up the ball… rotating your back to improve golf swing… the impact you feel when your club hits the ground.

“What, I’m the only one that miss-hits a ball every once in a while?”

Yes, the motion of swinging a club is a little unnatural and requires a bit of strength and flexibility. But that doesn’t mean the movement itself is theactual cause of the pain you’re feeling as you play…unless you golf almost daily or play professionally.

Then there’s a chance the repetitive motions of playing golf which use thesame muscles repeatedly is one of the chronic back pain causes.

Usually, for the average weekend golfer there’s an underlying issue causing their pain. It just happens to flare up while playing, or an attempt to improve golf swing basics.

For most golfers, chronic back pain causes are the result of some combination of muscle imbalances, a weak lower back and abs, and carrying around some extra weight.(And I don’t mean the clubs in your bag.)

Let’s face it, not all of us golfers are fit like Tiger Woods. In fact, many of us more closely resemble the physique of John Daly.

Extra weight around your midsection tends to cause poor posture which forces your pelvis to tilt forward. This leads to the most common cause of back pain in golfers: muscle imbalances. Let me explain.

As your posture remains tilted forward, muscles in your lower back and the front of your upper thighs, particularly your quadriceps and hip flexors, become overly tight to compensate. Meanwhile, muscles in your abs, glutes (butt muscles), and hamstrings remain in a stretched state as they are pulled upon by the opposing tighter muscles and become continually weaker.

It’s this unbalanced tug-of-war between opposing muscle groups, called muscle imbalances, that lead to most pain. Lower back pain… sudden back spasms… herniated discs… sciatica… upper back pain… neck pain… you name it, and chances are muscle imbalances played a significant role.
las vegas massage golfingWhat if you’re not overweight? Can muscle imbalances still be causing your back pain? Absolutely! Muscle imbalances are a fact of life since none of us use our muscles in a strictly neutral state throughout the entire day. And a forward tipped pelvis is only one of four major muscle imbalances associated with back pain.


We have seen many clients get relief from back pain associated with golf and many other activities with regular massage therapy along with healthy lifestyle choices. Correcting the muscle imbalances relieving muscle spasms and tension bring a huge relief to most individuals.

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