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Meet Your Therapist: Mikyo Martin

Get to know your therapist Mikyo

I have been doing massage and yoga for 8 years.  I’ve been trained in a myofascial style of deep tissue, swedish, shiatsu, tui na, and ayurvedic massage.  I tend to use a mixture of all of these styles, with a focus on deep tissue and swedish depending on what my client is needing.  I find that the clients that get the most benefit from my style of massage are the ones who have chronic tension/tightness, acute problems, or injuries.  I most enjoy working on specific areas so I can really focus on working out the kinks and deeply opening an area.  Although I prefer to work on specific areas, I can give a great full body if that is what my client is needing!

Some of my other passions that add to my repertoire as a massage therapist are yoga and natural medicine.  I find using things such as castor packs in sessions and giving my clients postures to do own their own can really strengthen the depth of recovery and healing they are able to receive from their massage.  The type of postures I have been trained in are a spinal based ayurvedic practice of hatha yoga that addresses the root causes of pain, tension, and injury.  Any postures I recommend are specifically intended to release tightness and knots in the muscles and fascia, therefore realigning  the bone structure of the body for optimal function, health, and comfort.  It’s mainly a restorative practice, so is safe and gentle for all ages and body types.  From my training in natural medicine with the Yogic Medicine Institute I also have an arsenal of simple home remedies should my clients ever need it.  I am happy to help any of my clients by giving them a recommendation for a stretch or home remedies any time they need it, at our sessions or between sessions.

From all of the training I’ve received, massage, yoga, and natural medicine, the one simple thing I’ve noticed about how to get the most out of massage is breathing.  I get a lot out of working with clients who regularly go to yoga classes, or who have learned elsewhere how to breathe and relax, because I am able to help them more by deeply releasing knots and tension.  It also seems their massage is more advantageous because not only are we able to release the root cause of their pain and tension, but by the end of the massage their body and mind are greatly relaxed.  When we breathe and deeply relax, our body is able to heal itself with more efficiency.  I am also happy to guide the breath of any of my clients who are open to or wanting that level of awesome massage.

Working with peoples bodies is very rewarding.  I’m constantly surprised and amazed by the intricacies of our bodies, and how they can make us feel fantastic or send us to the depths of misery.  I believe our quality of life is largely dependent on the health and wellness of our bodies.  Just as we spend time upkeeping our home or cars so they don’t fall apart in disrepair, so too must we care for our bodies consistently.  When we do so we may find we are living the longer, happier, joyful life we set out to live.  Helping people care for their bodies and by extension improving their lives is a such a great honor for me.

Appointments with Mikyo are available to schedule online or give us a call.

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