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Massage Works Case Study Sciatica

I have found massage therapy to be very effective on Sciatic pain with our clients.

And I had another happy client this wee! She has had sciatic pain for 8 years. After her first visit the pain lessened but was still there at times. She told me she just thought it was something she would have to live with.

I knew from the excessive muscle tension in her gluteus muscles and especially piriformis muscle that directly effects the sciatic nerve, that this was most likely not true when the glutes and piriformis are released through massage and pressure point release they lessen the pressure on the sciatic nerve and the pain goes away.

After the second session she had increased muscle suppleness and relief of pain for a week. After her third massage session focusing on her glute, piriformis, low back and legs her pain has been gone for over 2 weeks!

Yay I’m always thrilled when a serious problem a client thought was “just something they have to learn to live with” goes away so quickly!

Here is an article that addresses the effectiveness of massage for sciatica


  1. Yulanda Oaxaca

    there are times that nerve pain can be severely debiliating. i also hate high intensity nerve pain which can be quite disturbing. ::””‘

    Enjoy your weekend!

    • Yes, nerve pain can be debilitating that’s for sure. If it is muscles compressing the nerve that is why massage is so effective on giving relief to the impinged nerve. I have seen people who could not put any weight on a leg walk out much better.

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