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The Hunt For The Perfect Pillow

Feather pillow

My current squishy feather pillow has no support

The most difficult question I get from clients is what kind of pillow should I sleep on? It is difficult because everyone is so different.

I can assure you I have had to massage many a knotted up neck due to bad pillows!

I had found a great orthopedic pillow at a local bed shop about 3 years ago. It served me well I slept well and no neck pain and my neck is my trouble area from past injuries so I need the proper support.

I am a mostly back sleeper and sometimes on the side… recently I started to notice neck pain and jaw tension about 3 months ago… what could this be I thought. Am I stressed, it was the holidays, I had been working out very hard leading up to my recent wedding, maybe I over did it???

Ah Ha it was my pillow I realized! So now I am back to a sad feather pillow which has no support and is feeling better then the orthopedic pillow had, which shows how bad it was and I didn’t realize!

This just will not do!

The hunt is on for a new pillow. One that will support my neck but not lift my head up too much and also allow me to sleep on my side with proper head position. I know it’s out there I just have to find it.

Wish me luck… now where do I go shopping first?


  1. I just bought a tempurpedic type pillow but the foam smells like it’s out gassing… If smell doesn’t go away in next couple of days I’ll return it. Not sleeping on it in the meantime. I’ve been using a nest style pillow for the last year and liked it. Got it at my chiropractor. Will keep you posted!

  2. I am on the same hunt! I have just been searching in the Meyer Chiropractor Catalog for what I think might work, but I have no idea what to do anymore. While in Hawaii recently, without any of my normal choices, I slept on a rolled up hand towel, ( a little too low if it a small hand towel, one needs a substantial size hand towel for this to work).
    I have recently thrown out my flat foam type pillow and replaced that with a relatively flat down pillow and this works if I am on my back, but not if I am on my side, Sigh………
    I am nervous to go the Tempurpedic route due to the chemical toxics in the manufacturing and in the gassing off that occurs in the first part of its life. Does anyone know how long that lasts??

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