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What you should know before your first massage session

Your massage therapist will give you a short health history to fill out. Include accurate health information and your goals for your session. 

You will go to your massage room and be given privacy to undress and lay down under sheets your massage therapist will give you instructions to lay on your back or front. You will want to undress to your comfort level. Most clients remove all clothes or may leave on underwear or boxer shorts.

Oil will be used during the massage be sure to inform your therapist of any allergies or sensitivities to oils or smells.

It is your massage session be sure to give your therapist any feedback of pain or discomfort even if you find the music not to your liking.

Our massage treatments are therapeutic in nature which can be associated with a certain amount of discomfort during your session this is normal but if at any time it is too painful, let your massage therapist know so they may adjust the pressure accordingly.

If it is your first massage or first massage in a while it is like going back to the gym after a break. You may be sore for a day or two afterwards. Drink a lot of water to stay hydrated and take an epsom salts bath if you are able to.

Like regular oil changes for your car, regular massages will keep your body running well and feeling great!

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