Massage, Bodywork, Health and Fitness

Why Massage Works

Massage works by softening tight painful muscle tissues, increasing circulation and releasing painful trigger points in the muscles. Massage works on many issues in the body such as stress, headaches, knee pain, limited range of motion, scar tissue and injuries. Massage circulates toxins out of the muscles and eliminates them through the lymphatic system. Massage works by allowing your mind and body to rest and stress to melt away. Our clients feel massage is an integral part of their health and wellness routines.Why Massage Works… why choose Massage Works Los Gatos for you therapeutic body work?
Our massage therapists first priority is to assist you in relieving your pain and tight aching muscles. You don’t get the same massage as everyone else your session is custom designed to fit your needs at the time Massage Works Los Gatos is easy to get to and park, you can quickly schedule your appointments online. You will enjoy your sessions in a relaxing environment, not a spa and not too clinical. You will find yourself leaving your stress at the door as you arrive to take care of yourself. Your massage therapist will always ask you what issues may be going on with your body so that you get the best results and we will often find the trouble spots you didn’t even know were there.

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