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Do You Need Some Vegetarian High Protein Snacks Ideas?

by Stephanie on December 12, 2011

in Foods and Tips to Lose Weight,General

vegetarian high protein snacksOne of the best tips for those desiring to get into shape is to cut the carbs and load up on protein, yet many vegetarians are overlooked when looking for higher protein snack ideas.//
// . Many protein snacks ideas offer meat suggestions and so we thought it might be a good idea to come up with some vegetarian ideas.Vegetarian snacks that are high in protein are very beneficial for several reasons.  First, they fuel your body without giving you excess to store as fat (provided you eat a moderate amount).  Second, since they are mostly found with fats (both good and bad), they can help program your metabolism to burn fat deposits on your body instead of relying on the carbohydrates eaten at mealtimes, just remember to eat proteins and fats separately from carbohydrates (by about three hours).   Now granted, you still do need some fiber and carbohydrates to stay healthy-so don’t cut out all the brown rice or whole wheat tortillas.  Just eat them sparingly, and enjoy these high protein low carb snacks whenever you’re hungry.

One of my all-time favorite protein sources is actually a grain.  Quinoa is a rice-like grain that is super-high in protein, and relatively low on starch content.  It is known as a super grain, and contains nearly as much protein as milk does.  To cook, simply boil two cups of quinoa and one cup of the grain.   Once the grain and water are boiling, turn the heat down and simmer for fifteen to twenty minutes, or until soft.  The quinoa is done when each grain turns translucent and sprouts a little white tail from the germ.  Once done, take off the burner and let it sit for five minutes.  This wonderful grain can be used for any meal. Use it as a replacement for breakfast oatmeal, or as a deli salad base, adding diced cooked chicken and grapes for a special treat.  Quinoa is perfect for any time you are looking for a protein fix to satisfy a carb craving.

Another high protein food is cottage cheese.  A cup of cottage cheese made of 2% milk contains over 30 grams of protein, and is relatively low on fat.  If you are working on a low-carb diet plan, the fat free cottage cheese is another excellent option-regular cottage cheese has both fat and carbs, and thus would not be ideal for a low-carb, high protein diet.

How about edamame?  Or baked tofu?   Try pureeing soft tofu with a sweetener such as stevia and a flavor like carob powder or vanilla extract.  Soy products are great sources of protein, and can be used in many ways.  Just stay away from the soy milk, as it tends to have a lot of sugar added, which is always undesirable.

Nuts are another good source of protein.  Just don’t eat too many, as they are fatty, too and are full of calories.

Snacks with protein are not hard to find.  Tasty alternatives are always available when faced with a SAD (Standard American Diet) dilemma.  Don’t hesitate to load up on these ingredients next time you’re at the grocery store, so that you will always have a filling snack when you need it.

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